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Yesterday, a mildly retarded jury of ten women and two men found Brad Cooper guilty of murdering his wife, Nancy Cooper. I’ve spent the last few months diligently watching this trial in my office with the door closed so Dad thinks I’m doing work. Add in the fact that I spent two years “studying for” and taking the LSAT, and it’s obvious that I’m fully qualified to give a legal opinion on this case. You might get confused by some of my lawyer words, but it will all be clear in the end. For those of you who haven’t been watching the Brad Cooper Murder trial, let me enlighten you.

Brad Cooper was married to Nancy Cooper. They lived in Cary because they were Canadian and couldn’t afford to live inside the beltline. In June 2008, Nancy was found dead. Cary Police assumed Brad was guilty of killing her and they didn’t bother to actually do any investigating. Quid pro quo, Brad is probably innocent.

I’m not going to go through all of the details of how the prosecution framed Brad Cooper. I’m just going to examine the potential murderers who are still running loose on the poorly manicured golf courses and tennis courts of Cary. My research comes from this court document, which gets very interesting on page 61 (34 is the actual page number).

The Usual Suspects
(With the exception of Brett Wilson, all of these interactions took place while Nancy and Brad were married.)
Chad Dean – Chad is married to Nancy’s younger sister, Jill. Jill and Chad were dating when Nancy had an affair with Chad. By banging her sister’s boyfriend and future husband, Nancy hurt her relationship with her sister. This relationship was not repaired until Jill and Chad’s daughter was born. (I am not making this up.)

Michael Morwick – Nancy took her kids on a week long vacation alone with Michael. Before the trip, Nancy had publicly rebuffed Mr. Morwick when he publicly expressed his desire to, “F*#% Nancy’s brains out”. She went on vacation with him anyway.

Clea Morwick – Married to Michael Morwick. She was upset that Nancy went to the beach with Michael. Clea told police that the Cooper’s daughter, Bella, told her that she saw Nancy wearing jogging clothes on the morning she went missing. This evidence was ignored.

Craig Duncan – “the boy next door” even though he’s actually an adult. About a month before Nancy went missing, he confessed his love for her and said he knew she felt the same way. Nancy rebuffed these advances.

Scott Heider – married to Heather Metour. Brad Cooper banged Heather.

Tim Simmons – Cary PD found a receipt from an STD test that Nancy Cooper had performed in April of 2008. She and her husband had not been intimate for 2 years, since the birth of their daughter. The first call Nancy made after getting her STD test was to the Simmons household.

Michelle Simmons – Married to Tim Simmons. Michelle had a falling out with Nancy in 2008 over her belief that Nancy had been speaking with her husband behind her back and with an inappropriate degree of intimacy.

Brett Adam – At a party in May of 2008, Nancy showed Michelle Simmons a text, saying it was from “her man”. The text was from “Brett”. Simmons showed the cell phone to Jessica Adam, asking her why her husband, Brett Adam, was texting Nancy. Jessica became hysterical and Nancy explained that the text was from Brett Wilson. The night before her death, the last call that Nancy received on her cell phone came from Brett Adam’s cell phone. Jessica says she made that phone call.

Brett Wilson – Nancy was engaged to Brett Wilson, a wealthy energy company CEO. During the engagement, Nancy had an affair with Brad Cooper. She dumped Wilson when she married Brad. In the months leading up to her death, her relationship with Brett Wilson underwent a resurgence and escalated as evidenced by emails, phone records, and texts between the two. In an attempt to hide their relationship, she deleted emails that she received from Brett. Conveniently, Nancy’s cell phone, and all of the texts and data on it, was destroyed by the Cary Police Department.

John Pearson – During Pearson’s initial interview with detectives, two weeks after Nancy’s body was found, he forgot to mention that he banged Nancy. After being confronted by detectives seven weeks later, Pearson admitted to having a sexual encounter with Nancy. On Halloween of 2005, he and Nancy were intoxicated and naked on a couch in the Cooper home, “making out”. Pearson claims he was unable to recall whether they actually banged. (They did.) He and Nancy agreed to never speak of it again. Nancy’s second child was born right around 9 months after she and Pearson had their sexual encounter, ipso facto, he’s probably the baby’s daddy. Their relationship resumed as evidenced by numerous phone calls from April through June of 2008, just before Nancy went missing. Pearson and Nancy met at Blue Moon Bakery (OTB) for coffee shortly before Nancy died. This is an out of the way location for a meeting. Pearson also confronted Nancy about something she was telling other people about Pearson. During the police interview, Pearson was unable to recall the details of what it was that he was upset that Nancy was telling other people about him. It should be noted that a custody case was starting up that brought up the fact that Pearson was, ipso facto, the baby’s daddy. Pearson had also discussed going jogging with Nancy. Nancy went jogging the morning she went missing…

Pearson also banged Heather Metour. When Pearson and Nancy banged, Pearson was also banging Heather. All of this banging happened while Pearson was still married to Kinde Pearson. Heather also banged Brad. Kinde and Heather were both friends of Nancy.

Kinde Pearson – married to John Pearson. Friends with Nancy. Kinde is suing Heather Metour for alienation of affection.

Heather Metour – She was friends with Nancy. She banged Brad Cooper while he was married to Nancy. She also banged John Pearson while he was married to Kinde Pearson. She was married to Scott Heider while she was banging everyone else.

Unknown Guy #1 – John Pearson told investigators that Nancy was banging a guy that went to their pool named “Micheal”. This is not the same Michael as Michael Morwick.

Unknown Guy #2 – According to Krista Lister, Nancy’s other sister, in her first year of marriage to Brad, Nancy had an affair with a dude from Florida that she brought to Krista’s wedding.

I know that’s a lot of confusing banging, which is why I’ve laid it all out in this diagram. Click to enlarge.

This type of behavior is typical in Cary. These women were trying to be the Real Housewives of Lochmere, except that none of them were hot, or rich. One of the witnesses even claimed that Lochmere was similar to “Desperate Housewives”, which really isn’t accurate. “Desperate to be ITB Housewives” is much more appropriate.

I’m not trying to defend this guy. I’m just saying he didn’t do it. But here in North Carolina, you’re guilty until proven guilty. You’re probably thinking, “Why would Cary want to frame Brad Cooper? Why not find the real killer?” Cary simply wanted an open and shut case. Blame it on the husband and everyone is safe. If they admit Brad was innocent, that means there’s still a killer on the loose. If the killer was one of the people mentioned above, then Cary residents could potentially be playing tennis or socializing with a killer, and not even know it! Cary knew that their uptight citizens would find that socially unacceptable, so they did anything they could to make the residents feel safe. They even shot and killed a bank robber who didn’t even have a gun a few months ago. Cary residents are dying to be ITB. They try to flaunt safety and what they consider “wealth” in order to compete with ITB. A perfect example of this came from Cary Town manager Benjamin Shivar, after the Cooper verdict, “Since 1986 our community has seen 19 murders, and with every one that has been brought to trial, the suspect has been convicted. Clearly, our police department has the knowledge, skills, abilities and resources to solve complex crimes.” That’s great, but you still live in Cary. I rest my case.


  1. Hey… finally found a great use for LinkedIn. Check out all these people on that site…

  2. Nice work! If she really had 10+ affairs, it really makes Brad look worse because he could have easily sued her for everything in a divorce.

  3. This is brilliant. I’m tempted to print out a ridiculous amount of copies and hand one to any ignorant fool who thinks Brad had a fair trial and “justice” has been served. Seriously, kudos for writing about such an honest and important subject! I’m impressed and looking forward to more like it.

  4. Kenny – good call. I’ll have to look at that.
    Dana – she very well could have had more than 10. That’s just what I gathered from one court document.
    Susan – thanks. I’m trying to get the banging diagram put on a billboard. Maybe on Cary Parkway, although I’m not sure if they have billboards on that road. I’ve never been on it.

  5. You forgot the line to show friendship between Brad Cooper and Scott Heider. Yes, watch Scott’s testimony and he’ll admit they were still friends after he found Brad has banged his wife Heather Me-too.

    Don’t forget, Cary PD was riding around Lochmere golf course on golf carts chasing a tip from a psychic ….

  6. Hey! Just started a “Free Brad Cooper” FB page. Would love for you to “like” it, or for you to suggest it to others.

    PS- I’m pretty sure Cary doesn’t do billboards, just like they don’t do non-cookie cutter house. What would be really awesome is if you could get this chart posted on a sign at the entrance of Lochmere, reading above it, “Lochmere: Home of the shared significant others club. Where “your” baby could be our baby!” 😉

  7. Thank you for your view of now Brad Cooper was indicted, tried and convicted on NO EVIDENCE….I hope and pray that everyone will get to also read your view… the way…thanks for the chart….I think someone should have done this and presented it to the 12 jury members who were, no doubt, sick and tired of being in court to begin with…..what a shame that there was not ONE PERSON who could actually PUT all of “it” together and set this man FREE….I am so glad that I did not serve on that jury…..because I would have NEVER EVER convicted this man without SOLID and CONCRETE EVIDENCE….I just hope that pray that the person actually responsible for Nancy Cooper’s death will suffer the rest of his life knowing that an innocent man was convicted for a crime that he did not do…..and I also hope and pray that everyone who was connected to the RAILROAD of BRAD COOPER….will also remember this and weep every day of his/her life also…..

    It would have been better to allow one man to be free…than to sentence an innocent man to prison the rest of his life….

    I hope and pray that GOD will take this “issue” and “change” what has happened to this man……I have to ask you…..what on earth can be done to change the “fair and just” trials that North Carolina allows so many people to have…..something needs to be done…when it is so obvious that the judge DID NOT ALLOW all but was able to ALLOW the “hearsay” “gut feelings” and “thoughts” plus all of the “gossip” that took place in a court of law…..

    May GOD have mercy on the courts of North Carolina….as it seems like there is NO ONE ELSE who can “take control”…..

    Again….thank you for your article…..I will pass this grand info on….
    One can only hope that everyone in North Carolina will view the “BRAD COOPER MURDER TRIAL” and figure out the “WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH” ……

  8. Thank you so much for this! I watched almost every day of the trial, and I was SHOCKED when the verdict came back Guilty. I thought, clearly the jury wasn’t listening to the same trial I was. There was NO EVIDENCE!! The judge was completely biased in favor of the prosecution. I truly hope this can be appealed.

  9. WOW!!
    I was also surprised when the jury came back as Guilty! Justice system is a scary place and could happen to any of us at any given time. I will be praying for the Cooper family and hope the truth will be revealed and this Man who has lost everything can find some Justice!!!

  10. Bravo, bravo Will Need! May I ask where you obtained your web sleuthing degree from? Campbell University? UNC? Yale? Which law school was it? Oh….ITB….SHAW! My bad.

    You should definitely apply down at the Cary PD. They need some know-it-alls down there to help with all of this OBVIOUS evidence. So sorry we didn’t have you before!

    Now if’ you’ll excuse me, I gotta get. Going to walk up to the local library to teach myself how to read so I can hopefully get me one of them there drivers licenses. These dang outside of the beltline schools here in Wake County just pushed me on through all 12 grades! How bout them there apples???

    Thanks for letting me post…..PRICK.

  11. Why the “affair/lust” link on your chart between Nancy Cooper and Scott Heider? Did I miss something?

  12. I can not believe that Brad was convicted. I really wish there was a way to free Brad Cooper. I have read over and over every document I can found on this and there is no way this man is quilty. FREE BRAD COOPER.

  13. Thanks for the excellent summation of NC’s potential suspect list. Very well done and with a touch of humor to boot. Loved it. Pity the CPD lacked the foresight to take this info into consideration. Am also amazing that the Defense didn’t place more emphasis on these folks and how they all tied into the “tightly knit” social community of the Coopers.

    Not sure what you really do for a living, but if you’re not an author, you should be. At the very least, you should start a blog on Facebook. You’re a talented writer and funny as hell. I admire someone that calls a spade a spade, with no sugar coating.

    Keep up the good work!

  14. I have read articles and 1000s of comments from the News and Observer, Websleuths, Wral, Twitter, watched testimony tapes on WRAL etc. I am not a BDI or a BDDI but more of a “Where is the evidence” person.
    This posting offers a cleaner look at the whole picture.
    I can easily see the downturn in the transient construction market lead a few to burglaries and then they happen upon an opportunity of “rape while jogging” (1.5 million hits on Google) that result in the death of the victim. Abduction of a lone female is more common crime in other parts of the country/world, but because it is rare in Cary, it does not mean that persons from other areas won’t pass through and commit that crime. I can see them driving up asking her for directions, spraying with pepper spray and whisking her into the van door. The body was dumped in the open and in haste, so whoever, seems have planned to leave town pretty quickly.
    Could Brad have snapped? Maybe, but his actions of the morning she was missing was more of someone trying to make up for the “messy house” that she returned too after her vacation.
    Looks to me like the actions and behavior of hardworking guy trying to make his marriage work.
    Was Nancy leaking some secrets others would like to keep quiet? Certainly, however I think they would not have put themselves through the turbulence a murder would cause.
    And I think Brad would have known that if any harm had come to Nancy, all eyes would be on him, because it seems that the police all over the world, since the beginning of time, look at the easiest suspects to find first.
    It seems the police work all came down to what was less work and the easiest path to retain the paycheck.
    If one policeman had suggested that it was a random “rape while jogging-murder” event he would have had the burden of collecting evidence. Blaming Brad could be easily supported with all the neighborhood gossip.
    Statistics show that if you keep a jury in court for a month with no evidence there is still an 80% chance of a guilty verdict. That is a lot easier that looking for missing jogging clothes in all the vans in and leaving the country.
    It is simply easier to agree together to blame Brad.
    The jury failed to make the system to their homework. They should have decided to be “hung jury” and made them go back to the drawing board.
    Brad, I apologize for the system I pay taxes for.

  15. Joe – I can’t remember why the link was there. It could be a mistake, but I’ll assume she planned on banging him at some point in the future.

    HyeAghcheg – thanks. I’m sending your comment to my parents so they’ll get off my back about getting a “real job”. I’ve been telling them I’m a socialite/author for years.

  16. Found your website the other night while trolling for pictures of Nancy Cooper’s trampy friends so I could see what the big attraction is. You seriously need to consider writing a book. I am not from ITB and did not go to Broughton. I am from Chapel Hill which automatically makes me better than you.

    Love your diagram, maybe the defense should have posted a copy of this in the courtroom for the jury and the CPD.

    Perhaps a certain female friend should be nudged even closerr to Nancy on the diagram as a “suggestion”.

  17. Josie – Glad you enjoyed it. Are you saying I should write a book about the Cooper trial or about ITB? Due to an increasing demand from readers, an ITB book is being written right now.

    If you’re looking for a book on the Brad Cooper story, check out that stupid slut Amanda Lamb’s book “Love Lies: A True Story of Marriage and Murder in the Suburbs”.
    She wrote it before the trial even started and it’s all about how Brad Cooper is guilty. She should be fired from being a “journalist” for WRAL.

  18. bc’s only crime was marrying that ho-bag

    @carrie, i’m not from raleigh, but lived there for a while, and have traveled a fair bit…great place and good place to call home

  19. While Rome was OTB, the correct use Latin is ITB. Of course you know this, and when you said ‘quid pro quo,’ you meant ‘quod erat demonstratum,’ but you were secretly testing which OTB infiltrators might be reading the blog. Well done.

    You can always tell a commoner by the subtle misuse of Latin – they’ll never get it. An easy test is to see how someone pronounces Eton Road. If he says it the way folk do in the prestigious school in England — he’s a commoner! If he says, ‘ee-Tahn Road,’ so that he is using the same vowel sounds required to pronounce ‘Hee-Haw’ — he’s ITB.

  20. Has anyone else figured out that these OTBers were Swingers that don’t have enough class to be discreet?

  21. Interesting Blog…I have kept up with this case (for MANY reasons) and just found your commentary…Enlightened at best, careless at worse. Nancy was one of the BEST women to ever be present in MY life. Having said that, she, like us all, had character challenges…She loved her friends, was saddened by events (like we all are) but wished for the best. She left us before she was supposed to. That doesn’t make Brad guilty and it doesn’t make him innocent, it makes us all humane, capable of being the best, while also capable of being the worst. In many ways we hope we are taking responsibility for our actions, all the while hoping we aren’t really the one responsible… What I can say? “I miss you Nan, you were one of the best friends I ever had and I will never forgive myself for the betrayal​​?” And one more thing…”you’re right, what you did to me was just as bad…?” Life doesn’t exist in a vacuum, we all are part of the collective, if you are unwilling to take responsibility don’t play, but if you are you just might get lucky and meet some great friends like I did…Nan and Brad, Bella and Gabriela (Katie to those who don’t know her given name), I love you like my own because you are my own.

  22. Interesting how people are still “talking about Brad Cooper”….I think a lot of people know just how BC was indeed railroaded by the Judicial System.
    Surely to goodness when the case hits the NC Appeals Court…someone will do something about this. It seems like this is what it takes for some people to understand the laws and just what they mean. Back in February of this year a NC Case was heard on DVPOs….and just what the law expects to happen with them. It can be viewed with more information on what the NC Appeals Court decided about the case which was presented to them. Seems like this is not the first time that it has been “set in stone” but I guess some people just continued to do what they wanted to do or perhaps it is the way they interpreted the law…(2003)….interesting enough though that there must be “finding of facts”…
    FACTS in COURT???????????????????????????????????????
    Really….since when did there have to be facts? As we all heard/saw in the
    trial of Brad Cooper….not so many facts at all…but a lot of GOSSIP, GUT FEELINGS, and illusions where thrown around in court…and then there was that darn 42 second google search…..which supposedly was found on Brad’s computer….but was NOT PROVED IN COURT that Brad did it….

    Perhaps the NC Appeals Court will also decide that *FACTS are required in every court case in NC*…..and this conviction will certainly be overturned….
    since it was lacking facts…

  23. toDana…which is why Dana that is story is completely false…what a waste of a website….false i dont believe it for a second…i smelled bs from the first paragraph.

  24. Great article! I have been following this case since Nancy was first found. The amount of bs that was reported on wral, than later proven wrong was crazy. That this man was convicted by so much gossip and no concrete evidence was shocking and appalling! I hope he will get justice this time around.
    It seems that these so called perfect people with their corporate lives are just plain scum. Scary to think that they breed!

  25. You would come off a lot better and more Impressive, if you didn’t say banged in every sentence. It makes you sound like a high school kid, just banging around on a typewriter. Personally, I have read both sides of this and am completely convinced this man murdered his wife.




    found on AMAZON

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