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I Got Published In a Journal

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It’s official: I’m published. Yesterday, I found out one of my tweets about the Dix park issue was published in an article by the Triangle Business Journal.

Yes, a REAL JOURNAL. Realizing how much credibility this gave me, I immediately stopped playing Bejeweled HD and checking twitter to call Dad. He picked up after the sixth attempt.

Dad: What do you want?

Me: Dad, I got published.

Dad: What? You’re still writing that damn book? Are you not in the office right now?

Me: Yes, I’m in the office and yes, I’m still writing that damn book. This is different though. I got published, IN A JOURNAL. I emailed it to you, posted it on LinkedIn and on your Facebook wall, tweeted it at you, then printed off the story and told the secretary to interrupt whatever you were in the middle of and give it to you personally. Did you see it yet?

Dad: No, your mother and I are on the way to the beach for the weekend.

Me: I thought we were staying ITB for Easter?

Dad: ………uh, we are. Don’t come to the beach.

Me: Well what time is brunch on Sunday?


I assume Dad hung up so fast so he could pull over at the next exit to read my tweet in that article. I can just see him now, tearing up as he reads my first published works. Mom right next to him calling Grandma to tell her how much prouder they are of me than my sister. “He’s the greatest child we’ve ever had!” she’ll say, as she cries tears of joy. Then Grandpa will hear the news and pull out his checkbook to write me a $5 check with “We’re so proud of you!” in the memo. (Don’t worry, I’ll add some zeros to the end, he’ll never notice.) We’ll probably spend all Easter talking about how thankful everyone is for me.

I’m not sure why Twitter hasn’t put the blue check by my name yet. Clearly I’m important enough for that at this point. They’re probably coordinating with the TBJ on a ceremony where they frame that tweet and present it to me at a dinner in my honor. That really isn’t necessary (but it really is).

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