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I’ll be a guest on the Adam & Joe show on 99.9 The Fan today at 4:00pm. You can listen live here.

I’ve always known I had the potential to be a lead anchor for ESPN’s Sportscenter. I would have gladly showcased this talent on WCAP, Broughton’s daily morning news show, but I could never make it to school that early on a consistent basis. A few years ago I finally lost interest when I realized all ESPN anchors are douchebags who think they’re celebrities because they can quote Entourage during a Lakers highlight.

Another huge problem is that anchors only get to talk for a few minutes during the highlights. I prefer talking for much longer, without listening to others. Plus I don’t want to take the focus off of myself by talking about other athletes and teams. This all just means that I’m better suited to have my own radio show.

Fortunately, the sports media has seen how great I am at talking about myself and ITB sports, especially over the last few months (ITB Plays Blades, Dominates Golf | ITB Dominates Sports World | ITBCS National Champions). That’s why Joe Ovies invited me on the Adam & Joe Show, which airs today at 4:00pm on 99.9 The Fan. I’ll mostly be talking about how great ITB is at everything. If you have any ITB topics that you think should be discussed, send them to @WNFIV on Twitter.

When it’s over I’m sure ESPN will be calling to offer me my own show. Hopefully, my new show takes the place of the “Mike and Mike Talk about the NFL Every. F’ing. Morning. No Matter What Else Is Going On In the Sports World” show. I’ll post a recap of the show tomorrow.[hr]

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