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ITB News Network: The Point Watch

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UPDATE: ITBNN has confirmed that The Point was granted a special use permit to reduce parking so they can move into the Audio Buys space. This was confirmed on Monday when the owner of The Point said it on Facebook.

I would have broken this story on Monday, but I was a little busy breaking the news of the tragedy in Cameron Village because WRAL was too busy getting ready to post stories from the AP about the iPhone 5.

It’s still breaking news if I heard about it on Monday.

This news does not necessarily mean The Point will be moving to Audio Buys, but at least they know they can. This is definitely a step in the right direction, but it’s not like we were worried about it. The Board of Adjustment, who approved the special use permit, is full of ITBers who are looking out for The Point’s best interests. Plus, last Saturday was “Bring your Dad or Attorney to The Point Day” so we could get a ton of affidavits signed.  Some of the hipsters from Hopscotch must have heard about our plan, because they showed up and tried to ruin everything, as seen here:

We avoided the hipster and moved to the back porch, where we noticed this sign on the backdoor to The Point.

Using my investigative journalism skills, I saw a worker and said, “What is “bartering”?” The worker said these signs are referring to, “those coupon things you get on the internet”, which I assumed meant Groupon. I fully support the ban of Groupon, as GSElevator says, “Groupons are food stamps for the middle class.” The last thing The Point needs is to willingly sign up for a discounted gift certificate program, only to have outsider customers buy the gift certificates with the expectation that they can actually use them at the restaurant. The nerve of some people. Glad they’re putting a stop to this. I’m unsure on whether or not they are changing their policy on half price bottle of wine night. We all remember how great the $3 jager bomb Friday deal was, until they had to stop doing it “because too many people were getting in fights and breaking things”. Sorry for partying.

This move to a new location can’t happen soon enough, as the building is falling apart faster than the Bluth’s model home. As I walked in the backdoor last weekend, I was greeted by three wet floor mat/rug type things that were soaking up water from who knows where. There was a fan in the middle of the hallway trying to dry them off, except it wasn’t even turned on. Continuing down the hallway I had to be careful not to let the HVAC unit rain down on me, as it was leaking about a gallon per minute of water. It’s just getting dangerous at this point (see what I did there).

ITB News Network will stay on top of this story until we can finally celebrate the successful move of The Point with jager bombs and Coors Light in its new location. Until then, I’ll continue to go there three nights a week to do more journalism.

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