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Garth Brooks Concert at PNC Arena

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News broke this morning that Mayor Nancy McFarlane will be at the ESA (the PNC Arena) tomorrow to announce a concert. I repeat, A CONCERT.

The announcement is so spectacular that the hashtag #pncrumors was created in anticipation of what’s to come. This epic news immediately began trending in Raleigh.

I’ve already stated that the concert will be Garth Brooks, or a hologram of Michael Jackson. If I’m wrong, I’ll just delete those tweets and the previous sentence and then change the title of this post. Notice how I said it would be a Garth Brooks concert before the #pncrumors hashtag was even created, which makes me more “in the know” than everyone else.

If I’m wrong, and I’m never wrong, there are some other logical guesses:

Also, it’s Jay Z’s birthday today. He’s 44. Happy birthday Hova.

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