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The ITB Chick-fil-A

After years of waiting, the ITB Chick-fil-A has finally arrived. We are now one step closer to never having to leave ITB for anything. There was such a demand for


ITBCS National Champions

Congratulations to Jeremy Shelley and Alabama for winning the BCS National Championship game and improving the Broughton Wikipedia page!



Google recently launched Google+, which is a social network, designed to compete with Facebook and Twitter. No one has taken the time to explain it to me, but from what


Father’s Day

Dear Dad, I know you probably won’t like that this post is part of your Father’s Day gift, since you demanded that I “shut down this stupid website” six months


ITB March Madness: Round 2 Winners

Round 2 of the ITB March Madness Tournament has finished. Winners are listed below. Brackets can still be downloaded and submitted: ITB March Madness Round 3 Region 1: Broughton Outdoor


ITB March Madness: Round 1 Winners

Well, it looks like this ITB March Madness bracket is one of the greatest ideas I’ve ever had. People have been throwing money and brackets at me right and left, especially now that there’s no reason to care about the NCAA tournament. If you were too lazy to fill out the first round of the bracket, feel free to download a new bracket and start with Round 2. I’ll post the new bracket after Round 1 finishes this afternoon. The much anticipated results of Round 1: Region 1, held at the Broughton Outdoor Lunch Tables, are below. This region proved to be a hellacious matchup of the most ITB restaurants.


ITB March Madness Tournament

If you’re like me, your NCAA brackets look horrendous and you owe about four different people close to $3,000. So here’s your chance to make your money back. With the

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