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The ITB Chick-fil-A

After years of waiting, the ITB Chick-fil-A has finally arrived. We are now one step closer to never having to leave ITB for anything. There was such a demand for


ITBCS National Champions

Congratulations to Jeremy Shelley and Alabama for winning the BCS National Championship game and improving the Broughton Wikipedia page!



Google recently launched Google+, which is a social network, designed to compete with Facebook and Twitter. No one has taken the time to explain it to me, but from what


Father’s Day

Dear Dad, I know you probably won’t like that this post is part of your Father’s Day gift, since you demanded that I “shut down this stupid website” six months


We Didn’t Start the Fire

I want to calm everyone’s fears regarding this Exxon explosion incident, since we all know that fires have always been a hot topic inside the beltline. The Friday before last, Forrest


R.I.P. AC Slater

Everyone calm down. Your second favorite Bayside High Schooler is not really dead, but he may as well be. I was channel surfing last night and stopped when I saw


Traitor Joe’s

The following events occurred a few weeks ago on a Saturday and I didn’t think much of them at the time. However, Forrest recently made the same mistake and wanted


Stuart Scott Reads ITB Insider

Stuart Scott confessed to reading this blog the other night on Sportscenter as he covered N.C. State’s upset of Wake Forest. Scott’s admission to reading this blog came as a


R.I.P. Nelson’s

After talking to the owners of the building that once housed “the only bar in the world” (according to the poll results), it’s official……Nelson’s is dead. Pause for a moment

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