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Update: Cousin Eddie’s Winnebago Moves 5 Feet

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Last week I demanded that the City of Raleigh remove a Winnebago that had invaded Cameron Village. Speculation has been rampant as to why this OTB-mobile has infiltrated Cameron Village. It could be trying to establish residency in an ITB school district so their kids can go to Broughton. It could be a meth dealer, a pedophile, a terrorist, or worse…someone from Cary. We just don’t know at this point. Here’s what’s happened over the past few days since I made a formal complaint to the City.

Raleigh reopened my See, Click, Fix complaint, but then stated, “Not sure what you’d like us to do here. To my knowledge no law is being violated.”.

Realizing Raleigh wasn’t going to do anything, other ITB residents started showing their support for my cause. I’m glad they stepped up and agreed with me. I really didn’t want to resort to plan B, titled “WNFIV’s 5K Run/Walk to Tow the Winnebago Back OTB and Have A Cameron Village Block Party In My Honor”. Yeah, the block party would have been epic, but there’s no way I could organize a 5K run/walk on my own. There isn’t enough adderall in the world that could get me to take on something of that scale.

Our outrage finally made Raleigh take action. They put an orange sticker on the window, indicating that the vehicle will be towed unless it’s moved. I thought about asking them to put an “OTB” sticker on it, hoping it would shame the person into leaving, but they’d probably view it as a badge of honor or something.


Some were upset that our tax dollars were going to be spent on towing this thing back where it belongs. I don’t care if taxes go up. That’s what tax shelters and accountants are for.


I thought we were making progress and that this OTBer’s days were numbered. Then I got this update that the heathen had moved his home a few feet down the road.

How the hell did he know that if he moved his house, the cops couldn’t tow it? Either he lawyered up, or went to use the free computers in the Cameron Village library to figure out a loophole in the law. I’m guessing the latter. Hopefully, he’s reading this from the free computers and realizes all the pain and suffering he is causing us. If Raleigh can’t get this guy to leave, then ITB will. I’m giving Raleigh until the end of the week to tow this eyesore before I take action. [hr]

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