ITB Insider Turns One Month Old

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ITB Insider™ is officially one month old. Sure, as a website it’s been around for almost ten years (remember, but as a startup company it’s still an infant. It enjoys being fed content and working with advertisers. It’s in the 96th percentile compared to other media empire startups and is growing so fast. In accordance with ITB Mom law, we made it wear a sticker indicating its age in months, and then placed it in a monogrammed baby chair for a celebratory photoshoot.

A startup is a lot like a baby. You think yours is the cutest, most interesting in the world, but other people may think it’s pointless and full of crap. Beauty really is in the eye of the ITBeholder. Fortunately, we’ve had a lot of interesting local companies and individuals reach out to us about working together to grow the media empire. It’s nice to have that reassurance, especially when your closest friends don’t take you seriously. For example, when I explained that ITB Insider™ offered a variety of advertising options, a friend who owns a car dealership replied, “We’re the only dealership ITB that matters. I don’t need to advertise on your site.” Guess we’ll have to wait a little longer on that fleet of company SUVs.

To celebrate our first month, here’s a glimpse into the startup life and our great #content. In case you all weren’t checking social media every 5 minutes to read and like everything we posted, we’ve provided a recap. We’ll start doing this more often so that the posts are shorter and don’t give you carpal tunnel from scrolling to read the whole thing.

Startup Life

Raleigh Recap

Here’s a recap of the game from the N&O. Good luck getting through the ads to actually read it. The Caps are now 2-0 under Coach Dawson. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. Broughton forever.

The Modern Oakwood house saga has finally ended.

My startup bff Justin Miller’s taco cart, El Taco Cartel, is finally operational. Starting today they’ll be slangin’ co’s (short for “selling tacos”) on Fayetteville Street in between b.good and the kale smoothie place or whatever it is. I suggested they add a taco cannon to the top of the cart for shooting tacos to customers on the upper floors of office buildings. Justin said that probably won’t happen until Phase II. (Disclaimer: this is not an advertisement, although I did receive a complimentary taco on Saturday night. Maybe I’m being paid in tacos and I’m just now realizing it.)

Finch’s will stay open through Christmas. This news was actually broken by an ITBNN correspondent.

Avoid Lenoir Street unless you hate your car. This would be a great spot to advertise for a car dealership, now wouldn’t it…

On the topic of traffic, things are going great with the roundabouts. And they’re building more towards the other end of Hillsborough Street. Along with ITB legend Frank Harmon, we can’t wait for those.

“Build a roundabout,” they said. “It’ll help with traffic congestion,” they said.

A photo posted by William Needham Finley IV (@wnfiv) on

With shelves stocked full of “Tahoe” cookies, Harris Teeter continues to be the most ITB grocery store in Raleigh.

Cameron Village Harris Teeter. So ITB. @shopcameronvillage

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Coming soon to Harris Teeter, Pumpkin Spice Cheerios. ITB Moms should be careful when feeding these to their toddlers. Pumpkin Spice Cheerios could be a gateway cereal to the harder stuff, like Pumpkin Spice lattes.

Olympic Recap

While the Olympics were geographically OTB, the games themselves are one of my favorite sporting events, and they provide great #content.

August Pieces

A look back at the SIX pieces of content that we generated in our first month as a startup.

Is Pokémon Go the New DrunkTown?
 – An in-depth look at how the News and Observer conspired to sell more papers through manufacturing outrage by getting the police to kick Pokémon players out of Nash Square.Cops at Nash

The N&O eventually admitted to everything.

Startup Update: The Art of the Blog – An update on the growing media empire.

La Croix Wine and Design Class Sells Out In Seconds – the headline says it all. I tried to get Buzzfeed to cover the story (since they follow me) but they must have been busy covering Harambe memes.

Also, I’m starting a new class called “Crying Jordan & Craft Beer”. We’ll photoshop Crying Jordan on current events and drink beer. $75/class.

As a result of this post, La Croix reached out to me on Instagram to ask if they could use my photo. I obviously said yes.

Inside Quail Ridge Books – One of our contributors gave us a behind the scenes look at the new Quail Ridge Books location at North Hills.


Inside 80Fresh – I reviewed products for a local company that delivers home cooked meals to your door so you don’t have to deal with the Harris Teeter parking lot. Be sure to use “ITB” when ordering to save 30% off your first order.

Featured image 80fresh

Krispy Kreme’s ITB Status In Jeopardy – This is serious. Krispy Kreme is offering a Reese’s doughnut to residents of Australia, which is even more OTB than Rio. I’ve yet to be contacted by a Krispy Kreme representative with an explanation. Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 8.15.22 AM


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