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Thrilling ‘Making micITBit’ Docuseries Announced

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Update: Are people really making millions by flipping Lilly Pulitzer dresses on Facebook groups?

Update: The second trailer for the riveting docuseries has been released.

It’s finally happening. A documentary series about the fascinating world of micITBit, a secret buy/sell Facebook group in Raleigh, is set to debut this winter.

In Making micITBit, documentary filmmakers follow the money and uncover the truth, leaving no monogrammed doormat unturned. No topic is off limits, from porch pickups (PPUs) to the underground smock market, and much more.

Last week, the official trailer for the series debuted on ITB Insider’s Facebook page and on the recently re-launched Instagram account (@ITBInsider).

Critics are already raving about the project, leaving comments like,

“I’d go ahead and book travel to Sundance.”

“The struggle of a $7 pickup and only having a $10 is real.”

“It should be called MicITB Whipped.”

The series has already been submitted to the major film festivals.

Like any hotly anticipated project in Raleighwood, a few of the episode titles have already leaked (Stranger’s Things, The Smock Market, This Is micITBit). More information on the series is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

Businesses interested in advertising opportunities should e-mail for more information.

About micITBit

micITBit is a secret and private Facebook group used by over 8,800 Raleigh residents (with 700+ on the waiting list) to buy and sell smocked baby clothes, furniture, Lilly dresses, and other items. It’s like if Craigslist and Facebook had a baby, then enrolled the baby in a private school.

The majority of micITBit transactions are “porch pickups” (PPU). The seller leaves the item on their front porch and the buyer leaves cash under the doormat when picking the item up. At any given time, there is an estimated $4 million in small bills sitting under the doormats of Raleigh homes.

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