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Raleigh Demands Downtown Canal

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Raleigh Canal Final

Update: There’s been some great feedback in the comments section below. The guy who created the original petition shared his thoughts and explains how he’ll pay for this. Shockingly, I think I agree with him.

We’ve all driven down Capital Boulevard and had that sinking feeling as we pass the line of cars trying to save 10 cents a gallon at the Hess gas station. After passing the ramp to the Wade Ave. 500 and the Light + Time Tower, you come upon the wide expanse of industrial buildings and begin to wonder Keep Reading

I Survived An International Flight Without WiFi, Barely

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My hands are shaking from pure joy and elation as I try to type this. As many of you know, I’m traveling to visit the Pope at his house in Italy. He was so pleased with my coverage of his visit to Raleigh that he invited my family to the Vatican. On Tuesday evening, I boarded a plane to Rome, with a connecting flight in London. The flight to London did not have WiFi and it nearly killed me. Here is a recap of my struggle Keep Reading

Fall Fashion: Fiber Shirts Are Here, Google Fiber Is Coming

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Google Fiber t-shirts have started to arrive at the homes of area residents. I’ll analyze whether the shirts are ITB approved in a moment. I’m still livid at Google for kicking out 518 West so they could move into their building and also for referring to Raleigh as “Raleigh-Durham”. However, I’m willing to look past this since they’ve selected Raleigh as one of the few elite cities in the country to deploy their fiber service, which provides super fast internet speeds and TV service. Google Fiber’s most amazing feature is that it isn’t Time Warner Cable. Keep Reading

Read This Or I’ll Never Do Another Post Again

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Calvin and Hobbes

I’ve never been sick. Despite their best attempts at pretending they don’t care about me, my parents at least had me vaccinated as a child. Sure, I’ve had the flu, chicken pox, and common colds, but I’ve never been sick sick to the point that I had to spend time in the hospital. I don’t have kids either, mainly because I can barely take care of myself. Keep Reading

Blackout Causes Mass Hysteria in Cameron Village

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HT Front

No, this isn’t a throwback Thursday to the glory days of getting blackout drunk at Felson’s in Cameron Village (for the uninitiated, Foster’s + Nelson’s = Felson’s). Around 7:45 pm ITB time Wednesday evening, the Cameron Village Harris Teeter lost power and closed for the night. I was already on my way to HT when I heard the news so I decided to investigate the disaster like a responsible journalist, plus I assumed George York would just let me in anyway. Keep Reading

Straight Outta Content: A Brief History of Charlotte vs. Raleigh

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Straight Outta Content

Some people think that I’m not qualified to have an opinion on Charlotte. They claim that I can’t fairly judge the city since the only time I’ve ever been there was on a field trip to Discovery Place when I was in the 5th grade. For those that don’t know, taking a field trip to Charlotte in the 5th grade is an ITB rite of passage, or form of corporal punishment, depending on whom you ask. They say time heals all wounds, but it doesn’t erase the entire memory of being kidnapped by the Wake County Public School System and forced to visit some sort of brainwashing propaganda center disguised as a museum. I’ve repressed this memory, but I’m willing to share it with you now: Keep Reading

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