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ITBirdwatch 2018

Welcome to ITBirdwatch 2018! Some good friends of mine recently told me about the huge success of their live birdwatching camera. Apparently, Next Door is going nuts over this family of owls that can be watched 24/7. So I decided to expand the media empire into ITBirdwatching.


ITBest of the Week February 5

ITBlake the intern goes to Queen of Hearts, ITB Insider Donates to White Memorial, lululemon turned me into an ITB Mom, Tracy On A Plane, and more ITBest of the week.


ITBest of the Week January 26

Taco Bell Cantina, Fyre Festival Still Burns, Chrissy Teigen follows me on Twitter, Grandma tries to sell Playboys on Facebook, the $250k UNC System logo.


ITBest of the Week January 19

Broughton Teacher Crushes Jeopardy!, It Snowed Again, Dinosaur at Dix Park, ITBlake Not Pleased Over Award Show, Raleigh Makes the Cut for Amazon's HQ2, Best Dogs of ITB of the Week, Don't eat Tide Pods

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