ITB Disasters

Today’s guest post comes from The ITB Historian. Writer’s note: our thoughts are with those who suffered in the weekend’s storms. Others will provide better words for comfort–we’ll do what we do best: keep things light. Last Saturday morning, ITBers were horrified to wake up to news of a tornado watch. ITBNN: TORNADO WATCH. WATCH OUT […]

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ITBNN: Is the Xmas Jammies Video ITB or OTB?

If you have a pulse and can afford the internet you’ve seen the Xmas Jammies video created by Penn Holderness of NBC-17 his new film production company, Visit the Darkroom or whatever. I’m not going to post the video here. What I will do is post proof of why Penn Holderness is ITB. HE SAID MY NAME […]

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ITBNN: Mayor Announces Biggest Concert Disappointment Ever

Mayor Nancy McFarlane announced this morning that Billy Joel will be playing a concert at the ESA (PNC Arena). The hype surrounding this announcement was unprecedented. Yesterday on Twitter, Mayor McFarlane announced she was making an announcement, which led to wild speculation and hype, mainly generated by people such as myself (see ITBNN: Garth Brooks […]

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ITBNN: Garth Brooks Concert at PNC Arena

Move over Justin Timberlake, no one gives a shit about you anymore. A miraculous news story broke this morning, letting all of ITB know that Mayor Nancy McFarlane will be at the ESA (the PNC Arena for you OTBers) tomorrow to announce a concert. I repeat, A CONCERT. Tomorrow I’m announcing an exciting concert coming […]

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ITBNN: ITB News Anchor Says My Name and “ITB vs. OTB” on TV

Last Friday night, honorary ITB news anchor Penn Holderness sent me the following tweet. @WNFIV warning; I am probably referencing you tonight on the news. I am hosting the Friday football show. — Penn Holderness (@pennholderness) September 28, 2013 Upon seeing this, I began to hyperventilate. I was going to be referenced on the […]

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ITB Bets: Week 2 – ITB on ESPN, UNC vs. ECU, ITB Golden Gophers, and Broughton in the News

Week 1 Recap Clemson (-14.5) at NC State – Final Score: Clemson 26 – NC State 14 While we didn’t necessarily predict the State game “correctly”, ITB still came out on top by making an appearance on ESPN’s pregame coverage. After being broadcast on TV across the nation, sales of ITB koozies skyrocketed, in that one […]

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ITB Bets: Week 1

It’s finally the most wonderful time of the year. The weather is perfect, real sports have resumed (sorry baseball, go die in a fire), and Christmas is less than 100 days away. The return of fall brings with it the return of real sports. Why is that ITB? Because sports means gambling, and gambling with […]

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ITBNN: Exclusive Interview with ITB Entrepreneur Justin Williams

For people outside the beltline, saying, “I’m an entrepreneur” is a more concise way of saying, “I’m so bad at business that I don’t even have an actual salary or office and I order my business cards from Vistaprint. Let’s connect on LinkedIn! Shoot me an e-mail and we’ll innovate!”. For people from ITB, saying, “I’m an entreprenuer” really means, […]

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