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Exclusive: The Overlook At Cameron Village

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Cameron Village is expanding into the great wide open with a new rooftop patio and retail space as part of a redevelopment project. We have recently exclusively learned about The Overlook at Cameron Village, a project that will include 5,158 square feet of retail space and a 4,342 square foot patio overlooking Raleigh.

Designed by the brilliant minds at New City Design, the project will redevelop space that was part of the Bryan building, as well as the street level retail space near Kannon’s and Carolina Lighting & Design.

When finished, there will be two retail spaces on the street level, a retail space on the upper floor (that could be divided into two spaces) and a luxurious patio with a spectacular view overlooking Cameron Village. This is sure to be one of the most Instagrammable spots in Raleigh.

Our minds are racing at the implications of such a project. Sales at Kannon’s are going to skyrocket once people (Paul) can have a few glasses of bourbon at dinner and then walk downstairs to shop. We imagine the patio will be full of moms taking a break in between virtual schooling their kids, running errands at the CV HT, and taking yoga classes. This outdoor area could even be a great pick up/drop off spot for micITBit transactions. There could be a section for professionals who need to get away from their home office and day trade on Robinhood from the patio. Anything is possible.

But what we all really want to know is who will move into the top spot, the Casterly Rock of Cameron Village, the Rodeo Drive of Raleigh. Our friends at York Properties and Regency Centers have exclusively told us that they are looking for a full-service restaurant to occupy the top level space and bring more evening activity to Cameron Village.

We are thrilled to announce that we are working on our own business plan that combines an array of Raleigh classics into one culinary conglomerate. We’re putting a deal together to resurrect Crowley’s, Frazier’s, Porter’s, Bogart’s, and a few other surprises (dinner bowling, perhaps?) under one roof. Let us be Waterford crystal clear, this is NOT a food court. We will be accepting suggestions and feedback through October 31. Once the plan is finalized, we will present a proposal to York and Regency.

Regarding the street level retail opportunities, we could obviously use an Apple store in the 3,043 square foot space.

As for the 3,896 square foot space, we are in talks with a gentleman from California, who uses karate to help teenagers find camaraderie and self-confidence, that is interested in opening a dōjō (tentatively named Cobra KaITB).

One note to Commercial Real Estate Brokers: the upper level could actually be utilized by two tenants. Since we’re providing you with this invaluable information, we require a 5% commission from any deals you make related to this project. By reading this paragraph, you hereby agree to these terms and conditions. We’ve watched all three seasons of Selling Sunset, so we’re pretty confident we understand how this works. Interested parties can contact Lynne Worth (919-863-8083) for leasing information. 

Thanks to Cameron Village for having the vision to deliver more outdoor space to gather (six feet apart while wearing masks). We’re already excited about overlooking Broughton while enjoying a refreshing La Pappy Claw™ spritzer (a new beverage exclusive to our culinary conglomerate). Note: As the exclusive media conglomerate that is breaking this news, we politely request that all other media outlets credit ITB Insider when covering this story. Otherwise, you’ll be hearing from Stacy Miller.

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