I Survived An International Flight Without WiFi, Barely

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My hands are shaking from pure joy and elation as I try to type this. As many of you know, I’m traveling to visit the Pope at his house in Italy. He was so pleased with my coverage of his visit to Raleigh that he invited my family to the Vatican. On Tuesday evening, I boarded a plane to Rome, with a connecting flight in London. The flight to London did not have WiFi and it nearly killed me. Here is a recap of my struggle if you missed the flood of Tweets I posted at 5:00 am ITB EST.

I’m posting this to educate fellow travelers. While I’m sure this won’t go as viral as live-tweeting a breakup on a plane, there is an important lesson to be learned. ALWAYS make sure that your Mom makes sure your flight has WiFi when she books your plane tickets.



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