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ITBirdwatch 2019

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ITBirdwatch 2019

It’s back! Welcome to ITBirdwatch 2019, the exclusive source of the baby owl livestream. Last March, some good friends of mine told me about the huge following of their live birdwatching camera. ITB Insider acquired exclusive broadcast rights in a deal involving pallets of La Croix and ITBitcoin, and the rest is history.

We currently have one egg in the nest. We aren’t exactly sure when the egg was laid, but we noticed the owls had returned to the bird box around the last week of February.


Last year, we all watched as baby owl hatched and grew from a little fuzzball into a majestic owl that we never got around to naming. We wanted to name it “Crowley” but the News & Observer wouldn’t let us put a birth announcement in the newspaper.


This year, we’ll have baby owl naming contests (corporate sponsors should contact, a baby owl Insta account, baby owl merch, watch parties, and more.

About the Owls
According to my friend’s children, the female owl’s name is “Scoop Ups” and the male owl’s name is “Drop Offs.” I’m not sure if this has anything to do with owl carpool pickup, but we’ll go with it. If you like birds, consider supporting Audubon NC with a donation.

Previously, on ITBirdwatch

We’ll keep this section updated with highlights. Here’s a look at ITBirdwatch 2018.

March 14th – ITBirdwatch 2018 debuts on ITB Insider.

March 15th – ITBirdwatch passes 2,000 pageviews. My friend and I start to get concerned that the egg has not hatched.

March 25th – Baby Owl is born. All is right in the world. We aren’t sure how much it weighs or how long it is. The mother and father are doing well. Our ITBirth announcement post has more details.

4.24.18 – Highlights from April.

4.6.18 – 7:21 PM – Baby Owl surprised by Mom.

4.2.18 – 8:30 PM – Baby Owl eats its first snake. They grow up so fast.


3.25.18 – 8:15 PM – Our first look at the baby owl

Highlights from February and March 2018 

Caution: it’s a bird eat bird world. And also frogs and mice.

2.2.18 – 10:14 PM – Owls talking

Here’s a heartwarming recap of the 2017 owls to get you emotionally attached to this live stream:

Trouble ITBirdwatching?

The camera will have technical difficulties from time to time. The camera can lose connectivity when:

  1. My friend is mowing his grass. He has to move the extension cords so he doesn’t mow over them.
  2. It rains really hard.
  3. My friend’s kids unplug the camera while he’s at work. We’re looking in to having ITBlake the intern babysit the kids to prevent this from happening.

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ITBirdwatch 2018

Welcome to ITBirdwatch 2018! Some good friends of mine recently told me
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