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At some time during the day on March 25, 2018, Baby Owl came into the world. We aren’t sure how much it weighs, how many inches it is (3 or 4 maybe?), or if it’s a boy or girl, but we could not be more proud. The mother, Scoop Ups, and father, Drop Offs, are doing well.

The announcement was made on Instagram and we’re looking into putting a birth announcement in the newspaper. Feel free to comment with your suggestions on a name for Baby Owl (businesses can email for sponsorship opportunities). Baby Owl Stacy Miller IV has a nice ring to it, but we’re open to suggestions.

Before we show you the first look at Baby Owl, let’s recap the last 12 days.


March 13th – ITB Insider acquires exclusive broadcast rights to the owl livestream. Terms of the deal are not public, but it involved pallets of LaCroix and ITBitcoin.

March 14th – ITBirdwatch 2018 debuts on ITB Insider, along with this highlight video from 2017 that we made to get viewers emotionally invested in the 2018 livestream.

March 15th – ITBirdwatch passes 2,000 pageviews. My friend and I start to get concerned that the owl has not hatched.


March 22nd – I make ITBlake the intern watch the livestream so I can get some work done.

March 25th – Baby Owl is born. All is right in the world.

As I said in our debut ITBirdwatch post, a live feed of a baby owl is internet gold. We’ve already passed 6,000 pageviews for the livestream in less than two weeks. Those numbers are going to skyrocket now that there’s a little baby owl to watch.

I’ve received messages from multiple people asking where the owls are located (we can’t disclose that for safety reasons) and if we’ll be posting highlight clips of feedings and the owls doing stuff. To keep people from rioting, we are now posting those clips on the ITBirdwatch page.

If you like birds, consider supporting the American Wildlife Refuge or Audubon NC with a donation.

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  1. Name the new addition Izzy to honor Broughton’s wise and winning soccer coach. I think the name works for male or female.

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