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The Return of The Fresh Market

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80 FreshToday’s post is brought to you by 80Fresh, a local company that delivers balanced, home cooked meals to your door. Use this link and enter code “ITB” to receive 30% off of your first order.

Our long beltline nightmare is over. After being closed for what felt like years, The Fresh Market in Cameron Village has finally reopened, bigger and better than ever. The store had originally planned to expand into the underground space that was formerly home to the Village Subway, also known as “the Underground” to people who don’t know what they’re talking about. After The Fresh Market changed those plans, new plans to open a bar in the Village Subway have begun, which I already know about because I’m a journalist now. I’ll share more details when the time is right. Anyway, The Fresh Market announced that, from September 21st to September 27th, it would be closed for renovations, but that it would definitely reopen on September 28th.

More ridiculous than the actual closing was the suggestion that residents go to Cary or Falls of the Neuse Road for their Fresh Market needs. People did not handle this news well.

While the above example is an extreme reaction, most residents bemoaned the closing and survived on trips to the Cameron Village Harris Teeter and delicious meals delivered to their door by 80Fresh (use the code “ITB” to save 30% off of your first order). Then things got worse.

Panic ensued when it was announced that the reopening would be delayed to October 1st. Residents commented things like “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”, “Life just isn’t the same until then”, and “Whole Foods just doesn’t cut it”. Fortunately, 80Fresh was there to meet their dinner needs.

As October 1st came and went, residents went into a full on state of hysteria when it was revealed that there was no known reopening date.

As a journalist, it was my duty to get to the bottom of this story. So last Saturday, after going to the ABC store before a tailgate, I walked over to The Fresh Market and overheard an employee tell someone that the store would be open by Wednesday. I then posted that information to social media. You can mail my Pulitzer to 723 St. Mary’s Street, because I’ll be dedicating it to Broughton. 

Wednesday finally arrived and I began to hear rumors that the store was officially open. I set out to investigate and get some #content for my media empire. Behold, the glory of the newly renovated Fresh Market.




milkMilk that will be sold out within 15 minutes of any mention of the words “snow” or “ice”.


la-croixLa Croix. Obvi.

And last, but certainly not least, they have pumpkin spice pumpkins.


juice-copyThe $4 juice that I bought so I wouldn’t look like a weirdo walking into a grocery story and taking a bunch of pictures without buying anything.

Bask in its glory. I won’t go into a detailed review, mainly because The Fresh Market didn’t pay me for this and I’ve already given them enough free advertising. The real hero here is 80Fresh and the nutritious meals they provided during our time of need to keep our entire population from starving to death.

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