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Finley’s First Podcast Appearance

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Podcasts are all the rage right now and I need to start one. After owning the right equipment for over a year and Tweeting about how I was totally going to start a podcast, it was time to start practicing. So last week I was a guest on Richard Averitte’s “People I Follow” podcast, which is actually not a podcast about being a stalker or potential serial killer. “People I Follow” refers to people that Richard follows on Twitter. Richard is a great guy who interviews guests from all walks of life for this podcast that runs on Raleigh & Company.

We covered a lot of important issues which I’ve recapped below.


2:20 – The origins of ITB Insider. We talk about how it’s the “year of ITB” since ITB Insider™ is now 10 years old.

5:15 – Richard says I’ve morphed into a news source.

6:30 – We talk about how ITBNN was born.

7:10 – Richard says I have an image of a playboy living off a trust fund, hungover on a Sunday and eating Capital Creations pizza and Goodberry’s. I explain that I don’t have a trust fund and that I’m now looking to work with local companies interested in sponsoring or advertising on a platform that gets 20,000 pageviews a month and has thousands of followers on social media.

8:25 – We discuss Abercrombie & Fitch, Woods cologne, and how ITB parents used to drop their kids off at Crabtree to get rid of them for a few hours.

10:15 – Richard talks about how I’m a startup and that I have to do a little bit of everything. I remind him that I do ALL of the work, and that this is a real full time job. I talk about James Borden’s new Development Beat column and how he’s a real journalist.

13:35 – We discuss my new partners and sponsors, Miller Law Firm and 80Fresh.

15:03 – We talk about La Croix and how I’m tired of giving them free advertising.

16:00 – Richard asks “Can something not inside the beltline be ITB approved?”

17:55 – I talk about Twitter and interacting with the Mayor and City Council.

19:40 – Dix Park and the upcoming screenplay.

20:17 – Richard asks what will happen in Raleigh in 2017. I tell him I’m starting a podcast, writing a book, possibly a children’s book as well, we’ll hold ITB Beer dinners, events, and more.

23:00 – We discuss the Trolley Pub and how I loathe it.

29:27 – I talk about Walk West and how I brokered the merger with Greenroom Communications because I wrote about the Holderni signing a puppy to a multi-year deal a few weeks ago.

30:30 Richard calls me a job creator. I thank him for all his work with the Lumberton relief effort and for letting me tag along with Blue Sky and Smithfield’s. We mention the power of the ITB garden club.

I’d give myself probably 2.5 out of 5 beltlines for this appearance. While I enjoyed being a guest on Richard’s show, I realized after listening that I need to be the one calling the shots and asking the hard hitting questions. So it’s time to finally start my own podcast. I’m going to spend the next two weeks planning and will have more details soon. Stay tuned.

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