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One Ring to Rule Them All: The Broughton Class Ring

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For decades, Broughton graduates have been faced with a problem. A big problem. This is a problem that many men start to face when they turn 30. At that age, it’s very difficult to determine which males actually went to Broughton. During the years after college, many outsider males move to Raleigh and begin to assimilate into our culture. This makes it almost impossible to stand out in the crowd of monogrammed button down shirts, dress slacks, and sockless bit loafers. How can anyone tell for sure that you went to Broughton just by looking at you? With a Broughton class ring, that’s how.

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, men can now proudly let everyone know that they went to Broughton simply by wearing the new men’s signet ring that features the Broughton crest. Bask in its glory.

Forged in Mount Doom

When I found out about plans for this ring in December, I became obsessed with it. It consumed me. I had to have one. So I met with Raleigh’s Tricia Stagner, who works with Jostens and designed the ring, to learn more about how it came to be.

WNFIV: What made you decide to design a ring for Broughton?

Stagner: Alumni and students have been asking for this for some time, and after decades of offering an exclusive ring for ladies, we decided it was time to offer a men’s ring.

WNFIV: Why did we go through so many years of suffering without a class ring like this?

Stagner: It’s long overdue, but we think it was worth the wait!

WNFIV: How did you come up with the design? And is this made from the same gold that was used by the Dark Lord Sauron during the Second Age when he forged one ring that would gain dominion over the free peoples of Middle-earth?

Stagner: I don’t know about that last part, but I worked with our talented art department at Jostens to create a ring that was classic and understated. It’s available in 14-karat gold, 10-karat gold, silver elite, and suncast.

WNFIV: Very ITB. I’m just going to assume it has magical powers that you aren’t allowed to talk about publicly. So explain what’s on the ring.

Stagner: As you can see, the Broughton crest is on the face of the ring, while the sides of the ring display the graduation year.

WNFIV: It looks fantastic. The only thing I would add is the shape of the beltline around the crest. What if I wanted to put “ITB” or “AC” on the side of the ring?

Stagner: We can customize the sides based on demand. If alumni wanted a special side, for instance for the Algebra Club, it’s certainly possible. If enough people are interested, a special die can be made to create those rings.

While Tricia did not confirm this, I believe the ring will also:

Grant you VIP parking in Cameron Village
Allow you to skip the pick-up line at Red Dragon on Sunday night
Prevent you from being put on hold when ordering Capital Creations
Serve as a lifetime Caps pass
Reserve special seating at all Queen of Hearts events

Before any of you accuse me of pulling a Zack Morris and trying to sell you class rings that will turn your finger green, I can assure you that these are made from the finest materials. The men’s Signet Ring with Broughton Crest comes in the following styles:
Suncast – $337
Silver Elite – $380
10k Gold – $660
14k Gold – $1050

Ladies onyx rings engraved with the Broughton Crest are also available, and have been around for decades, in the following styles:
Suncast – $322
Silver Elite – $345
10k Gold – $545
14k Gold – $760

The prices above include full name engraving on the inside band. As a gift to my readers, Jostens has agreed to take $20 off the price if you use the coupon code “WNFIV”. That offer expires in 30 days.

The Jostens representatives will be at Broughton on Wednesday, January 18th in the cafeteria during lunch, and also after school from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm to take orders from current students. Alumni can call 919-789-8500 (press 5) for an order form or make an appointment to see a sample ring. There also may be an order event for alumni at an upcoming basketball game. We’ll keep you updated.

The Broughton class ring is one of the best ways to show off how ITB you are. Sure, you could wear a Tradition Scarf, with your dress shirt, slacks, and sockless bit loafers, but that’s going to get hot in the summer. Just imagine how ITB you’d look wearing BOTH at the same time. I fully expect Jostens to sell a zillion of these. Most people will be smart and purchase at least 3, one for casual wear, one for formal events, and one for exercising. I’m just glad our long beltline nightmare is over and that we can now stand out while attending commercial real estate networking lunches, Y Guides events, and other situations where it’s impossible to determine who actually graduated from Broughton.

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