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Inside Vidrio

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The inside of Vidrio is unbelievable. I can say this because I’ve already dined inside the new Mediterranean restaurant on Glenwood, even though it doesn’t open until tonight (January 23rd). Since I’m an influencer now, people invite me to super exclusive events so that I’ll take pictures and post them on social media. I’m not an official “food critic” but that doesn’t matter. If you have thousands of followers on multiple social media platforms and can take a picture of a plate of food with your iPhone, you’re considered an “influencer”. Welcome to 2017.

Last week, I attended a special sneak peek of Vidrio, which occupies the first two floors of 500 Glenwood Avenue, below the Carolina Ale House. Raleigh restauranteur, Lou Moshakos, a native of Lykovrisi, Greece, is the man behind the new restaurant. He’s also the owner of LM Restaurants, the hospitality group that brought Raleigh the Carolina Ale House, Taverna Agora, and more.

Spanish for “glass”, Vidrio is an “ode to traditional Mediterranean dining, with both imported specialties and local, honest ingredients” according to their website.

It seems that their tagline is “Earth. Flavor. Wine.” so they’re clearly going after the ITB mom demographic. With 50 wines on tap and 300 more from the bottle, I’d say this place will be a hit among that demo. Here’s my full review.

The Décor
Nearly 400 pieces of stunningly colorful handblown glass are hung on one wall, visible from both floors of the restaurant. Chandeliers of rope hang above wooden tables in the main dining area.

The second floor features multiple dining areas that overlook the first floor.

The 50 wines on tap are located on the second floor wine bar, which should open in the spring.

The wraparound windows on the second floor retract and will be open during warmer weather. When asked, management indicated they would be willing to open the windows during snowstorms in order to funnel wine out to mothers driving by in their SUVs on Glenwood.

I can see why they spent years designing and planning this place. It’s amazing.
ITB Rating: 5 out of 5 beltines

The Food
Salad – I forgot what kind of salad this was, but it was good. It was composed of lettuce and stuff that you would find in a salad. No one goes to restaurants for the salad. Give me a break here.

Cheese – I don’t remember what any of the cheeses were called and I couldn’t pronounce them if you paid me to. They were good though.
Hummus and flatbread – This was really good, better than the standard hummus you’d get elsewhere.

Hanger steak – this was actually prepared by Salt Bae himself and was delicious.

ITB Rating: 4 out of 5 beltlines

The Wine and Cocktails
They wouldn’t let me try all 50 wines on tap and all 300 from the bottle, but I did try a few cocktails. I really enjoyed the Mediterranean Mule, Vidrio’s take on the Moscow Mule. I can’t recall what was in it, but it did have an extra kick to it (I’m so sorry).

ITB Rating: 4 out of 5 beltlines

As you can see from my exquisite camera phone pictures and thorough critique of the menu, this is a place worth checking out. I failed to take pictures of the bar on the first floor, which was equally as impressive as the rest of the restaurant.

Overall ITB Rating: 4.3 out of 5 beltlines

Vidrio opens on January 23rd. Stay tuned for more in-depth food and restaurant reviews.

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