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Hopscotch Band Or…

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Now that the Hopscotch music festival has come and gone, it’s time to recap my favorite game, “Hopscotch band or…” where I question whether random words strung together are names of bands playing at Hopscotch or something else entirely. I would have posted this before the festival, but I didn’t want to risk having any of the bands, or Twitter social justice warriors, accuse me of some sort of microaggression, then attack me on social media and potentially hurt my burgeoning startup company. I’m just a small business trying to build a media empire. I’d love to dedicate more time to analyzing Hopscotch and why things like the picture below exist, but I’m busy running a company.

Spotted at Hopscotch…. Sun’s out, blowup dolls, suspenders, and short shorts out? #hopscotch15

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Here are the 2016 entries for Hopscotch band or…

In case you missed the 2015 edition:

This game has actually turned me on to some good music over the years. Dear God, I hope I’m not turning into the Hippest Hipster. Even though I’ve never actually attended Hopscotch it’s pretty nice having outdoor concerts around downtown. I can’t think of any other event in Raleigh where patrons of both Slim’s and Churchill’s can coexist in the same area. And anything is better than shutting down the city for road races and marathons.

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